About FTB Tax Services

FTB Tax Services stands for “Forensics, Taxes, and Bookkeeping”.

Forensic accounting is accounting that is suitable for legal review. It offers the highest level of assurance including the generally accepted connotation of having been arrived at in a scientific fashion. Forensic accounting is sufficiently thorough and complete so that an accountant, in his/her considered independent professional judgment, can deliver a finding as to accounts, inventories, or the presentation of material facts in a legal proceeding. Forensic accounting techniques can be used to recreate income & expenses for people whose records have been lost, damaged or irretrievable.

Tax practice is the relationship of a person or a business with the Internal Revenue Service. We do all types of taxes such as, corporate trusts partnerships, personal. Including forms 1120, 1120S , 1040, 1041, 1065.

Because we have years of tax practice experience FTB is especially qualified to prepare small and medium business returns.

Bookkeeping, our signature service is complex returns for individuals and businesses. We are small business specialists, doctors, lawyers, health care, government workers, retail, construction, bio tech, science, pharmaceutical, dentists. all types

Rick Salter
Principal Owner and Enrolled Agent

Rick is the owner and Principle of the firm. He is an Enrolled Agent (EA), licensed by the IRS to preform federal & state tax services in all states. He has 28 years experience in all areas of accounting and taxation. He is responsible for all accounting and taxation issues in the firm as well as supervising all team members.

Penny Young

Full Charge Bookkeeper
Penny is a full charge bookkeeper responsible for all bookkeeping. She oversees all bookkeeping work, where is responsible for closing all books & producing financial statements. She is experienced in all types of industries, & has over 30 yrs exp in the field. She consults on, buy sell agreements, leases, purchases, asset financing & general business proceedings.

Cydnie Braden

Tax Specialist

Cydnie is a tax specialist here at the firm, she has over 10 years experience in all types of tax issues & works with staff preparing income taxes. She is well versed in the many tax law changes that happen each year within the Internal revenue taxation Code. Cydnie Is a retired USMC officer.

Jordan Lawson E.A.


Jordan has an Accounting degree & over 8 Years tax experience. He is also well versed in Accounting & has been a controller for corporations in the past.

What to expect with FTB Tax Services

FTB Tax Services offers a professional tax solutions for businesses and individuals. You may need routine tax filings or have run into problem your taxes.

We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you. The benefits received from our services greatly outweigh the costs.

As you can see from this web site there are many services offered by our tax resolution firm.

Your experience with us begins with a free consultation.

In this consultation you will speak with a tax resolution representative. During the consult the tax professional will ask many questions about your current tax situation and financial situation to find out what options would be a good choice for you. As a result of the consultation, you will be able to get a good sense of what service and benefits you would receive from using the FTB Tax Services to file routine returns, resolve any tax problems as well as a cost estimate for the services we would provide for you.

After the consultation we can then begin to get you into full compliance with the IRS filings and begin the tax wiling and or resolution process as necessary.

How to Get Started

If you are new to FTB Tax Services please come in for a free consultation. We will discuss your particular tax situation, make sure there are no issues with past returns, and you will receive a tax planning package.

You gather the needed information and bring the information to your tax appointment. Your taxes will be complete and filed on time electronically.

If you are current in your taxes you may request the current year tax planning package using the contact me form on the right. In that package there are places to put all the relevant tax information for filing.

Bring the gathered information to your tax appointment. Your taxes will be complete and filed on time electronically.